Moxie – by Jennifer Mathieu


Jennifer Mathieu

Moxie Girls Fight Back! Never before has a book made me laugh out loud and feel such a fierce feminist gumption as this book. Moxie girls are made of grit, gumption, and girl power. Filled with the struggles of fitting in, making change, DEALING with change, and growing up, Moxie speaks to everyone. You don’t have to be a girl to connect to this story, as cool guy Sean proves, just a little understanding of perspective is all you need. Inspired by her mother’s “Misspent Youth” as a Rebel Grrrls activist,Vivian Carter is motivated to make change about the way girls are treated in her small town Texas high school. But how do you make waves when you are the quiet, cooperative, “good girl?” Zines. Spreading the zine entitled “Moxie,” Vivian calls out the injustice of students, rules, and administration and how they negatively portray and affect girls. Moxie Girls call for action because Moxie Girls FIGHT BACK! Through acts of civil disobedience and resistance readers follow a cast of girls that are inspiring, heart-warming, and challenging as they find their feelings about feminism, tradition, and action. “Moxie” will make you want to fight the patriarchy and every act of injustice (towards anyone) with the same vivacious dedication that the Moxie Girls have. With witty and insightful cynicism Mathieu makes this a hilarious, thought-provoking journey that you won’t want to miss. Mathieu also provides excellent resources for those who are interested in taking further action, and also a great Rebel Grrrls playlist for you to rock your rebellion.


I loved “Moxie” before it even started. Dedication:



All the way through:



And I’ll fight back long after it’s finished!



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